RidgeComms Internet Services Rules and Regulations and Acceptable Use Policy

By using the services and resources owned by RidgeComms Internet Services, you agree to abide by the following Rules and Regulations and Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP” for short). For the purpose of this AUP, the Customer shall sometimes be referred to as [User(s)].

The Internet is a far-reaching communications medium. The Internet can be used to communicate with colleagues, to research demographics, and to transmit business communications, but the Internet and the RidgeComms Internet Services computers you use to connect to it are shared with thousands of others users. Therefore, RidgeComms Internet Services has constructed a list of Rules and Regulations to provide a better understanding of how to use this service. This document also details your rights and responsibilities as a RidgeComms Internet Services subscriber.

1. Account Suspension and Cancellation

A. If you wish to cancel your RidgeComms Internet Services account, you must email info@ridgecomms.flywheelsites.com

B. RidgeComms Internet Services reserves the right to suspend or cancel your account without notice, for non-payment or for violation of the provisions of this AUP.

C. Whether you cancel your service or we cancel your service for cause, your service fees are not prorated within the current month.  You have 60 days to contact us with questions or concerns about your bill. Setup fees are nonrefundable in any case.


Customers receiving Internet service from RidgeComms must pay all fees owed for their service(s) by their payment due date located on their monthly RidgeComms statements.

Any amount(s) disputed by the customer from their monthly statement(s) must be made aware to our accounting department info@ridgecomms.flywheelsites.com prior to payment due date. Failure to pay the balance owed to RidgeComms by the customer’s payment due date may result in RidgeComms disconnecting the customer’s service.

If RidgeComms disconnects the customer’s service(s) and the customer wants their service reactivated, the customer must first pay all outstanding balances owed to RidgeComms. Customer must also pay all reconnect and activation fees prior to reactivation.  Customers receiving Internet service can avoid reconnect fees by making sure their payment is received by their payment due date located on their monthly statement or by contacting our accounting department at info@ridgecomms.flywheelsites.com prior to their payment due date.

Customers not willing to pay the reconnect and reactivation fee to reestablish their service will still be responsible for all outstanding balances.  If the customer has any unpaid balances owed to RidgeComms after 30 days from the customer’s payment due date or customer does not contact  RidgeComms accounting department to dispute charges or make payment arrangements, RidgeComms will turn the customer’s account over to collections.

2. File Transfer Restrictions

By law, you may not upload any commercial software, any software that is subject to distribution limits, or any material you don’t have the right to share with other people. Likewise, you may not download any software or material you do not have the right or license to use, such as commercial software from other Internet users. You may not upload anything, such as certain cryptographic applications, that will violate local, state, or federal law.

If upon reasonable suspicion and after reasonable investigation, RidgeComms  Internet Services finds a violation of this provision, RidgeComms Internet Services reserves the right to notify appropriate state and/or federal authorities. As a User, you covenant to always use the Internet and the services provided by RidgeComms in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

3. Change of Terms, Conditions, and Services

A. RidgeComms Internet Services reserves the right to alter the pricing, offerings, terms and conditions of service at any time. An electronic, online copy of this AUP in effect is at ridgecomms.com. As the account holder, you are charged with the responsibility of checking this page for any updates, and your continued use of RidgeComms Internet Services services constitutes your agreement to the modified terms.

B. RidgeComms Internet Services does not provide technical support for anything except providing Internet nor does RidgeComms Internet Services make any warranties as to any hardware or software you may use in connection with your RidgeComms Internet Services account; the respective author/copyright holder’s or manufacturer’s warranties apply. Further, RidgeComms Internet Services does not provide technical support for any hardware you use for your Internet connection which you did not purchase from RidgeComms Internet Services.

C. RidgeComms Internet Services cannot guarantee overall Internet performance, nor the performance or availability of any server, service or site on the Internet at large which you may otherwise access through your RidgeComms Internet Services account.

3. System Use Policies

A. RidgeComms Internet provides unlimited Internet access. This should not be construed to mean full time or completely unregulated access. There are a great many users sharing RidgeComms Internet Services network facilities, and we are committed to providing good, consistent service to all subscribers. 

B. The services you purchase from RidgeComms Internet Services are not transferable. You may not resell or share your RidgeComms Internet Services account services.

4. Information Policy

RidgeComms Internet Services will not filter information that is received from the Internet, except in accordance with this AUP and applicable law; however, some material may be offensive to some people.  As a RidgeComms Internet Services client, you are solely responsible for monitoring usage of your RidgeComms Internet Services Internet accounts, including use by your children.

5. Procedures & Accounting Matters

A. Our AUP is under constant review. We consider comments from our users and from experienced staff. We will change this document from time to time. You are subject to the AUP in effect at the time you sign up for RidgeComms Internet Services, and to each revision of the AUP that becomes effective subsequently, without further notice.

B. Account cancellations should be directed in writing to our Accounting Department via E-mail to info@ridgecomms.flywheelsites.com.

D. Returned checks are subject to a $50.00 Returned-Check Fee. Your account will be debited electronically for both the face amount of the check and any returned check fees if returned unpaid.

E. Failure to pay invoices by the specified due date will result in a late fee charged against your account. This rule also applies to credit card and ACH Debit customers.

6. The Strictly Legal Stuff

A. All services provided to you by RidgeComms Internet Services may only be used in accordance with any applicable laws, statutes, regulations and rules and solely for lawful purposes. Transmission, promulgation, theft, procurement, communication, alteration, publication or storage of any information, protected material or property, data or any other material in violation of any national law of any sovereign nation, any International law, the United States Annotated code, or of any state or local law, regulation or rule is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any material, data, matter, software/soft code, intellectual property protected by copyright, trademark, privacy of property right, personal or property right, trade secret, or any other statute. Further, it is unlawful and a violation of this AUP to communicate, transmit, or promulgate in any manner, means or medium, any threatening, harassing, or obscene material, matter, communication of any sort, or to otherwise use RidgeComms Internet Services for any illegal or unlawful purposes.

B. RidgeComms Internet Services does not “patrol” the content published by its clients. RidgeComs Internet Services does, however, review complaints submitted with respect to other potential violations of this AUP and applicable laws, and will investigate those complaints and take action it deems appropriate, up to and including cancellation of a user’s service.

C. You will indemnify and hold harmless RidgeComms Internet Services, its officers, shareholders, agents, employees and its other subscribers from any and all claims, costs, expenses, judgments, causes of action, attorney fees, litigation and court costs, resulting from the subscriber’s use of RidgeComms Internet Services in any manner, whether directly or indirectly or by any act of omission or commission.

E. You are solely responsible for the knowledge of and adherence to any and all laws, statutes, rules, and regulations pertaining (1) to your use of any RidgeComms Internet Services service, and (2) the communications means by which you connect your terminal, personal computers or other devices to RidgeComms Internet Services or to any services provided by RidgeComms Internet Services.

F. Your rights herein granted cannot be transferred, shared, sold, or used by anyone other than yourself.

G. Mikrotec Internet Services shall have the right to suspend or cancel your account at any time, for reasonable cause, without notice. “Cause” includes, but is not limited to, nonpayment for services; violation of this AUP; and use of your account to engage in violation of any federal, state or local statute.

H. No warranty is made by RidgeComms Internet Services regarding any information, services or products provided through, in connection with, or located on the computer systems of RidgeComms Internet Services or any other services provided by RidgeComms Internet Services, and RidgeComms Internet Services hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties, including without limitation (i) any warranties as to the availability of RidgeComms Internet Services products or services, or the accuracy of content or information, products; and (ii) any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

I. RidgeComms Internet Services shall have no liability for damages caused or allegedly caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, electrical surge or damage or interference, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communication line failure. Theft or destruction of or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of records whether for breach of contract, tortuous behavior, negligence, or under any other cause of action, shall be strictly limited to the amount paid by you or on your behalf to RidgeComms Internet Services for the current month.

J. No agent, employee, or representative of Mikrotec Internet Services has any authority to bind RidgeComms Internet Services to any affirmation, representation, or warranty concerning the services provided by RidgeComms Internet Services.

7. Disclaimer and limitation liability

A. User(s) agrees that the use of all services provided to each User(s) by RidgeComms is at User’s own risk. All warranties of any kind, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of proprietary rights, are expressly disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law. RidgeComms cannot guarantee continuous service, service at any particular time, or integrity of data stored or transmitted via its system or via the Internet. RidgeComms shall not be liable to the User(s) for any claims or damages which may be suffered by User(s), including, but not limited to, losses or the loss of data, inability to access the Internet, or inability to transmit or receive information, caused by, or resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions unless directly caused by the negligence of RidgeComms. RidgeComms shall not be responsible for the acts of third parties who may gain access to User(s) computer systems, private, financial, or proprietary information by improper or unlawful means.

8. Indemnification

A. User(s) will indemnify and hold RidgeComms , its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents and employees free and harmless from any and all claims, damages or lawsuits of any kind (including reasonable attorney fees) arising out of the User’s use of services provide to them by RidgeComms and negligent or illegal acts of User(s), its employees or agents, including, but not limited to, claims, damages or lawsuits arising out the use of those services.