Ridgecomms Privacy Policy


You are entitled under federal law to know the following:

• In order that we may continue to provide reliable, high quality service to you, we keep regular business records that contain your name, address, and other personally identifiable information. Such records include billing, payment, deposit records, and the service options you have chosen. We use this information to make sure that you are being properly billed for the services you receive.

• We consider information we keep to be confidential. We may collect personally identifiable information from you and may disclose it to a third party if disclosure is required pursuant to a court order and you are notified of such order. (For example, we may without your consent disclose your name and address to a collection service is required to collect past due bills.)

• We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

• We may also electronically test the system from time to time to determine whether you are being properly billed for the cable services you are receiving.

• We will maintain information about you for as long as we provide service to you, and for a longer time if necessary for related business activities. When information is no longer necessary for our purposes, we will destroy the information unless there is a legitimate request or order to inspect the information still outstanding.

• You have the right to inspect the records that contain information about you, correct any error in our information, and enforce your rights under federal law. If you wish to inspect the records at our systems main business office pertaining to you, please contact at info@ridgecomms.flywheelsites.com.