About RidgeComms

RidgeComms Brings the Internet to YOU!

Wireless Internet Access – Even If You Think It’s Not Possible! 

Because of our terrain it can be difficult for Internet Service Providers to provide service in our area. RidgeComms makes use of small relay sites throughout our area to provide high speed unlimited Internet to Madison County and beyond – with NO CONTRACTS.

The RidgeComms Story

RidgeComms was started by James Wilson, formerly a Television Broadcast Engineer, to meet a growing need he saw for Internet service in Madison County. With the area’s rural communities and mountainous geography, other available offerings either could not work in many locations, or were inadequate. Schools and businesses, in addition to homeowners and home office workers, were negatively impacted by this critical technology gap.

By using wireless relay sites installed on homes, businesses and schools, RidgeComms has been able to meet the needs of hundreds of customer locations. Creative network planning and installation techniques help solve the challenges inherent to areas unserved and underserved by the big Internet Service Providers.

RidgeComms is privately held and located in Marshall, NC in beautiful Madison County.


James Wilson, RidgeComms Founder & CEO

James Wilson worked for years in television broadcast engineering, working with large companies developing and implementing network and broadcast systems. While working at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, James was involved in extensive network and resource requirements planning, hardware installation techniques and transmission methodologies.

After the “Turner Years”, James moved back to the mountains of North Carolina and found that getting simple Internet access was a challenge in Madison County. In order to work from his home, the need for high speed and reliability was critical but his attempts to get either were met with frustration.

Taking his deep engineering and technology background, James founded RidgeComms, specifically to meet the demands of a growing tech savvy population, despite its rural geography. Customer by customer the company now services over 350 residential and business customers.

If you are interested in learning about contract Installer and Network Architect opportunities at RidgeComms, use our Contact form and indicate your interest.