RidgeComms: Internet Service for Madison County and Beyond

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Pricing As Low As $35/Month!

Speed to Meet Your Needs

Delivering Unmatched Service

RidgeComms Brings the Internet to YOU!

RidgeComms brings high quality Internet service to Madison and North Buncombe Counties, taking advantage of our beloved mountains –connecting via ridgetop relay sites. Even if you thought you couldn’t have Internet service at your location, RidgeComms may be able to deliver it via your computer or WiFi at your home or business.

Is RidgeComms for You?

Find out if our services are available in your specific location. Click the green button to check your location. Even if we don’t currently cover your location, your inquiry will let us know that you’re interested, and that helps us know where to concentrate our growth efforts. We are constantly adding rely sites to cover more locations.

What was once one of the biggest hurdles faced in running our vacation cottages is now non-existent – 100% of the time! It has been absolutely wonderful, with no hiccups…far superior to any service we have ever had.


Stephen Robertson, East Fork Farms

Installation went smoothly and service is great so far (just got it two days ago). Streaming hd movies beautifully. Thank you to the folks at RidgeComms!


Melinda Morgan Sheldon, Marshall, NC

Amazing customer service! We definitely recommend!

Jamie Larson, Marshall, NC

A little shoutout to Ridgecomms - when our internet went down during the storm, they responded immediately to my notification and got it back up within half a day. Now that's service!

Elaine Robbins, Marshall, NC

I can't believe it! After having dial up internet and then equally slow satellite internet for the past 10 years, we are finally able to stream movies and music at our house for the first time - ever! Our lives are forever changed.

Pia Cash, Marshall, NC

Pricing to Meet Your Needs

Whether you want to stream movies over the Internet, work from home or have a commercial business location, RidgeComms has affordable pricing to meet your needs – as low as $35 per month! And NO contracts.
Custom pricing plans for larger business sites and specialty services are available, too!


Security & Support for Maximum Uptime

RidgeComms’ uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) state of the art encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of your network. Work – or play – online with confidence!
Technical difficulties? Just email us for immediate response and quickest turnaround on resolving your issues.



Work at RidgeComms

What does your dream job look like? What if you could enjoy working in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains every day? Our areas of coverage offer breathtaking vistas everywhere you turn. How about work meetings that seem like coffee breaks? We have them, at the best coffee shop in Madison County! Does solving Internet access challenges for really nice people make you smile? People who live in this region are about the nicest you can find anywhere and appreciate what you do for them. And they will tell you!

We are looking for contract Installers and Network Architects who can help us delight our customers!  Please email us with your interest and we will contact you about your resume.